Clubs outside the Premier League do not necessarily get the coverage that they deserve and here at EFL Analysis, we are looking to change that and give the 72 teams the written coverage they deserve.

Here, we produce a number of different analytical-driven articles that offer plenty of insight for those fans that follow the football pyramid below England’s current top-flight.

We produce detailed articles regarding the latest news that concerns the EFL as well as providing you with some of the best opinions surrounding the seemingly forgotten about professional clubs within the country!

We aim to cover all teams with in-depth match analysis, as well as aiming to give you all the data you require on some of the league’s top players; providing you with all the key data and insights needed to show just what to expect or why something happened in a particular match.

Ever wondered if a certain player linked with a potential move to your club is either a) the necessary fit or b) would improve the team and make them better?

Our detailed Scout Reports will help determine the answers to those two questions above (and many others you may have) whilst we also create articles to analyse what specific requirements a club may actually need to address when heading into the transfer market.

EFL Analysis does not only aim to cover the domestic leagues, though, as we aim to give you a comprehensive and data-driven analysis of the EFL Cup and the FA Cup as well, highlighting what teams can come to expect and what they should, perhaps, look to do when they face a side outside of their regular campaign schedule.

If you are looking to give the rest of the EFL the analytical coverage it deserves or are generally interested in taking the football played under the microscope, then why not get in contact and apply to write for us?

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