Fulham are sitting comfortably at the top of the table in the EFL Championship. One of the reasons why they are at the summit is the form of striker Aleksandar Mitrovic. The Serbian striker is the league’s top goalscorer with 35 strikes to his name. What’s more, he is 12 goals ahead of Dominic Solanke – the next best in the league. This means he is highly likely to get away with the top goalscorer award for the season. It is also his career-best season, and there are still nine games left for Fulham, meaning he can add even more by the end of the season.

Mitrovic Goal

Aleksandar Mitrovic has netted 35 times this season in the EFL Championship with hattricks in three separate matches. On a per-game basis, of all the players who have played 1000 minutes or more this season, the Serbian has the highest goals per game ratio of 0.96. For context, the next best player in this category is Coventry City’s Matt Godden, who has 0.68 goals per game, which is over a quarter lower than Mitrovic. If he maintains this rate of goalscoring for the rest of the season, then Mitrovic could score 43 or 44 goals by the season’s end.

Mitrovic Attacking dashboard

Aleksandar Mitrovic has already got the most goals ever by a single player in a single EFL Championship season, and he does not look like he is stopping. Seen in the above visual is his performance relative to the rest of the league’s players. He not only tops the goalscoring charts but also the expected goals table. He is outperforming his xG output this season by 0.12 goals per 90. Mitrovic has taken the most shots per 90 of any player this season in the EFL Championship with 4.56 shots per 90.

Mitrovic Shot map

The above visual displays Aleksandar Mitrovic’s shot map. Nearly all of his 35 goals this season have come from inside the box, meaning he has known exactly where to shoot. He has hardly missed any big chances from inside the opposition’s penalty area. Most of his misses have come from outside the box.

Mitrovic Pass Sonar

Displayed above is the pass sonar of Aleksandar Mitrovic. In addition to his 35 goals, he has also provided seven assists so far in this campaign. He has attempted many passes into the final third, which is where he is most threatening with his passes. Otherwise, he leaves it to his teammates to do the passing.

Mitrovic has been exceptional in the EFL Championship this season. He could finish north of 40 goals this season and help secure Fulham the title and the automatic promotion back to the Premier League for next season.