Nottingham Forest stayed at the bottom of the EFL Championship table after their 1-2 loss to Cardiff City at home. They only have one point from six games and are yet to pick up a victory in the 21-22 season. They do not have the worst attack, and neither the worst defence, but they have lost most games even after scoring.

EFL Championship Stats: Stoke City The above viz shows the shots on target for all Championship teams from outside the 18-yard box. Nottingham Forest have the most shots from outside of the box. Due to taking more shots from distance, they have had a lesser amount of real goal scoring chances. They have very few shots, only eight, from inside the box which have been on target. This has been a problem as they have not found goals at the correct moments, to win them matches.

EFL Championship Stats: Stoke CityIn terms of shots on target from inside the penalty area, Nottingham Forest had the least shots with just eight. They have scored just five goals in the first six games, and will need to take more shots from inside the box in order to do better in the Championship this season. This is why they also have the fourth lowest xG of 4.48 in the entire EFL Championship table.

EFL Championship Stats: Stoke CityForest have had the 4th least touches inside the opponent penalty area. They have taken less shots and have less touches in the most dangerous area of the pitch. They will hope to improve the shots and touches inside the opposition box in the coming weeks. They need to take shots from better positions, closer to the goal and inside the box, to create more xG and get more goals.EFL Championship Stats: Nottingham ForestForest have had problems while attacking, with only 30 successful passes into the opposition box in six games. They have the third lowest passes in the entire Championship. They have not been able to impress going forward, and it has been one of the main reasons for their losses.

EFL Championship Stats: Nottingham Forest The Reds have also not been the best defensively. They have the third lowest defensive duels won per 90 minutes in the entire Championship. They have similar statistics in aerial duels and loose ball recoveries. They have conceded ten goals in six games, only scoring five, and have come out with just one point.

It will be important for them to improve both defensively and going forward if they want to survive in the Championship at the end of the season.