Rotherham United coach Matt Hamshaw has insisted they are still working hard to bring players to the club, despite a disappointing week on the transfer front.

The Millers were hoping to have at least one new player in before their trip to bottom club Ipswich Town on Saturday.

“It’s a domino effect”

Hamshaw revealed that the Millers may have to be patient to secure their preferred targets, as they are waiting on other clubs to do their business first.

He said:

“Every week since we came into this job we’ve been watching players. We’ve been at three games this week. We’ve handed our list of targets in and that changes on a secondly basis, never mind daily or weekly.
“It is early and there is a little bit of activity but what people might not understand is that things tend to move late on. Managers tend to hang on to players until the last minute.
“It’s a domino effect that comes from the top and works all the way down the leagues. A team in the Championship could sign a striker, which eventually ends up with a National League team getting their target.
“In terms of loans, you can’t bring someone in telling them they’re going to make a massive impact and then be left out of the squad. We’re not those people, I think that is poor recruitment. You end up with an unhappy camp.
“I know from the outside people want us to get players in but everybody knows in their line of work that sometimes too many can spoil it. We need to up our quality, we understand that, and we’re working tirelessly to do that.”

“We’ve got a big list of players”

Hamshaw has insisted the club are prepared to wait to secure their preferred targets and will not be rushed into signing players they may not necessarily need.

He said:

“We’ve got a big list of players we want to take. Obviously, we want the best possible candidate for the best possible position. It’s not different to a workplace, you want to bring the right people in.
“We’ll go through a list, but it doesn’t mean the seventh player won’t be as good as the first player. Players have numerous options on whether they want to move. It could be financial, geographical or the other club.
“Some players have this false belief that if they wait until the end of the month they’ll get a better deal because we’ll be more desperate. That’s rubbish because we won’t give someone anything extra because it’s the end of the month. We’ll give a player what we think they deserve.
“We’ve realised that mistakes have been made here in the past and we’ve tried to rectify them. We now have assets that other clubs may well be interested in, obviously, they can’t have any of them. But that certainly wasn’t the case when we first came in.”

“Jerry will come in and compete”

Jerry Yates will now fight for his place in the first team after he was recalled from Carlisle United earlier this month.

The striker had scored 6 goals in 23 games for the League 2 club before being recalled on 1st January following injuries to Jamie Proctor and Kyle Vassell.

He will now compete with the other forwards at the club, according to Hamshaw.

He said:

“He’s back to for his place. With Vass coming back, we’ve had Smudge who’s been exceptional this season as well so Jerry will come in and compete. When he moved up front with Carlisle, he got six goals in four games.
“We’ve always liked Jerry. We think he’s got huge potential and a real future at this club. It’ll be down to him when he gets his opportunity he must take it. If he does he will stay in the team.”