West Brom made a poor start to the EFL Championship 2022/23 season with just two wins, eight draws, and seven losses in the first 17 games. The team was struggling in the relegation zone. However, things started to change in gameweek 18 as West Brom started to win their matches and went on to win eight of their last nine matches. This run of good results helped them move up in the league table and West Brom now comfortably sits in the ninth position and are on a three-match winning streak. The fortunes changed for Albion in the last few game weeks. Now we look at some of the stats that show how the fortunes have changed in favour of West Brom and what the reasons are behind their successful run in the EFL Championship.

West Brom EFL Championship 2022-23 Data Stats Analysis

West Bromwich Albion is one of the top performers in the EFL Championship. They have scored 34 goals, averaging 1.68 xG per match. The defence has conceded 26 goals with an average xGA rate of 1.03. The above viz shows the percentile rank of the team in comparison to other EFL Championship teams. It can be observed that Albion have a very high percentile rank in every department. In the last nine games, the team has scored 14 goals. Their defence has been sturdy and only conceded two in return. This shows a significant improvement in the defence.

Significant improvement in defence

After conceding 24 goals in the first 17 matches, West Brom have only conceded two in the last nine games. This improvement in defence is the primary reason behind their success.

West Brom EFL Championship 2022-23 Data Stats Analysis

West Brom’s defence has taken them from the relegation battle to the promotion battle. The above viz shows the defensive territory of the team from the last nine matches. Overall, they win 61.5% of their defensive duels and 47.6% of their aerial duels. The team makes 38.15 interceptions per match and gives away 9.54 fouls. The above viz shows that West Brom have made a lot of defensive actions in the defensive half. Their solid defence has given up two penalties, and those are the only ones from which the opposition has scored in the last nine matches. West Brom have not allowed any goals from open play in the last nine matches, and that is the biggest positive in the camp.

West Brom EFL Championship 2022-23 Data Stats Analysis

West Brom defenders have put their bodies on the line in the last nine matches. They have made 23 blocks and average around 2.5 blocks per match. Of these 23 blocks, 12 have come inside their own penalty box. The above viz shows that West Brom mostly face attacks from their right side, and most of the blocks have been made on that particular side. The team will hope for the same defensive performances in the coming matches and continuously move up in the EFL Championship table.

Contributions to the offence

West Brom EFL Championship 2022-23 Data Stats Analysis

After scoring 20 goals in the first 17 matches, the team has gone on to score 14 in the last nine. There is a bit of improvement in the goal-scoring form as well. Overall, the team averages 34.85 positional attacks and 2.04 counterattacks per match. They take 12.54 shots from these attacks and hit the target 34.4% of the time. In the last nine matches, they averaged 12 shots per match and had an accuracy rate of 34.2%. There isn’t a great improvement in the attack, but the efficiency has seen a great increase.

Betting Analysis

The 1×2 odds for West Brom will see a significant decrease. They have performed well in the last few matches, and that increases their chances of winning the matches. The over lines will also see a decrease in the rate as the goal-scoring efficiency has improved for Albion.

West Brom’s manager, Carlos Coberan, will be happy with his team’s improvement and hope that they continue in the same form. They are just one point behind the qualifying spot and hope to enter it as soon as possible.

Visuals via TFA data viz engine