Huddersfield Town are fourth on the EFL Championship points table. They have a record of 17 wins, 12 draws, and 10 losses. Many players have shined for the team from West Yorkshire. One of them has been Luxembourgish attacker, Danel Sinani. Having joined on loan from Norwich City, he has performed very well this season. Should Huddersfield win promotion to the Premier League, they can thank Sinani for being one of their better performers this campaign.

Sinani Passing dashboard

Shown above are the passing and progression performances of Danel Sinani for Huddersfield Town this season. The Luxembourgish winger is generating 0.08 assists per game. He has been involved in the build-up play of Huddersfield this season, averaging 34.6 passes per game. He has also been very accurate in his passes, finding his man 82.93% of the time. He has been one of the best ball progressors in the league, completing 4.26 passes into the final third, putting him in the 99th percentile in this category.

Sinani Heatmaps

Seen in the above visual is the heat map of Danel Sinani at Huddersfield this season. As a right-winger, he has been most effective on the right flank in the final third. Sinani has hit six goals and provided two assists this season. The Luxembourg man has shot the ball 43 times this season, of which 18 ended up being on target. This gives Sinani a conversion rate of 7.16 shots per goal scored. Very often, Sinani would cut inside the right flank with the ball at his feet and either shoot or pass to a teammate who is in a better position.

Sinani Pass Sonar

Given above are the pass sonar, xT map, and xT timeline of Danel Sinani at Huddersfield this campaign. Sinani has been the go-to man for threat creation at Huddersfield this season. He has constantly created an xT value of over 1.0 throughout the match. He has been most threatening in the early stages of a match, generating an xT value of over 2.0. Sinani’s left sideways passes into the opponents’ penalty area have generated a lot more threat than his forward passes.

Huddersfield have scored 51 goals this season so far. They look set at the very least to compete in the promotion play-offs. They can still get an automatic promotion spot mathematically. Danny Ward has been netting the goals for them, but Sinani is equally important, as he has created the chances for Ward to finish them off in the first place.