Fulham have been in top form since their 1-1 draw against Middlesbrough in first game week of the EFL Championship. Since then they have scored 12 goals in four matches and have moved to the top of the table.

They have one of the most threatening attacks of the league and have been scoring a lot of goals recently. They even managed to beat in-form Stoke City comfortably and scoring 3 goals in the process. Aleksandar Mitrovic has been actively involved in the goals that Fulham have scored. He has been involved in 6 of Fulham’s 13 goals, after scoring 4 goals and providing 2 assists. He is currently their top goal scorer.

Let’s take a deeper look at what the stats have to say about Fulham’s form.

Attempts on Goal

EFL Championship Stats: Fulham

Fulham are second in the list for the number of attempts taken on goal. They are tied with West Bromwich Albion, who are also on the same points as Fulham on the table but Fulham are ahead on goal difference as they have scored more goals. Fulham have a total of 79 shots on goal in their five matches, which boils down to approximately 16 shots per match. Fulham also have a shot on target percentage of 40.5%, which means they have had 32 shots on target. Out of the 32 shots on target, they have scored 13 goals with a conversion rate of 40.6%.

Attacking Actions

EFL Championship Stats: Fulham

Fulham have the highest success rate for the attacking actions they have attempted. They have a success rate 51.43% which means more than half of the attacking actions they have attempted have been successful. The attacking actions include shots, dribbles, crosses and passes that are attempted in order to attack the opposition’s goal. Fulham have been able to record a high xG in all of their games because the attacking actions they attempt have a higher success rate than the other teams.

Accurate passes into final third

EFL Championship Stats: Fulham

Fulham also have the highest success rate for accurate passes into the final third. The most important factor for a team is whether they are able to perform the right actions in the final third of the pitch where it matters the most. With a high success rate for passes into the final third, Fulham can maintain the pressure on their opponent’s defence and can make the right move required to score a goal. Fulham maintain high pressure on the opposition which makes the defence weary and helps them convert the chances that they create.

Fulham have been more successful in scoring more goals because they have a player like Aleksandar Mitrovic up top, who possesses the physical strength to hold up the defence and provide the right pass to his teammates in the build-up towards a goal. He has the ability to win one on one aerial duels and this contributes towards the high accuracy rate of Fulham’s passes into the final third.

Touches in Opposition Penalty Area

EFL Championship Stats: Fulham

While Fulham have been leading in the other attacking charts, this is one of the most important stat which proves why they have been scoring a number of goals. Fulham have had the most number of touches in the opposition penalty area. This stat is a result of the high success rate of attacking actions as well as the high accuracy of passes into the final third that Fulham have maintained. More touches in the penalty area indicates that they are able to create more chances on goal.

Fulham are trying to play more direct football under the management of Marco Silva and it has paid its dividends. They have been the most successful side yet in the five matches they have played. Yes, it might be too early to reach a conclusion on how successful Fulham will be this season but if they continue playing the same type of football, they will certainly be a strong contender to gain promotion to the top division.