Millwall became the 21st team in the EFL Championship to register their first win of the season after coming down from a goal behind against Blackpool. The team started the season with 2 draws but were handed defeats in the other 2 matches. The Millwall team was able to take advantage of the situation against fellow strugglers Blackpool and won 2-1 against their opponents.

There were some departments in which the team improved and let us have a look

EFL Championship Stats: Millwall vs Blackpool


Millwall team averaged 10 shots per game before the start of the match and only managed to hit the target 8 times in 4 matches. This game saw 15 attempts from the home team and 7 were on target. The attempts were more than average this season and shots on target were almost equal to the combined total in 4 games. This also increased the accuracy rate from 20% to 27.3%.


Passing the ball was also a concern for the team before this match. The team had only attempted 1,257 passes in 4 matches which averages around 315 passes per game. In this game, they made 517 passes which was more than average and with an accuracy of 82.8% which is much better than the accuracy in previous games.

The team is ranked high in passes attempted into the opposition final third. 201 passes were attempted previously at a very low average. In this match, the team alone attempted 94 passes which was double than Blackpool’s attempts in the whole match.

One area on which the team focused more was the passes into the penalty area. The passes made were 41 and out of those 17 were successful. Even the team also relied on the wide players for delivering crosses into the box. 37 crosses were attempted with 11 crosses found the right man in the box.


Millwall has contested 360 aerial duels in total this season but only managed to win 70 in the process. In this match alone a smaller number of defensive duels were contested by the home team. Out of the 63 defensive duels, the team managed to win 41 defensive duels and only conceded a single goal.

EFL Championship Stats: Millwall vs Blackpool

The team performed better than their previous 4 matches in the league with more duels win rate and a much better recovery rate especially in the opposition half where they managed to recover the ball 43 times. They also managed to keep 67% of the possession during the game and were very direct in their play. All these factors combined and the team was able to register their first win of the season.