Reading defensive struggles have continued as the club lost its 3rd consecutive match 4-0 against Huddersfield in the EFL Championship last weekend.

This result meant that Reading have conceded the highest number of goals this season with 13 in total. With only 1 win in 5 games, the team is currently sitting in 21st position with 3 points. Now let us look at some of the statistics that will give us an explanation of why Reading has struggled in the defence.

Defensive Duels

EFL Championship Stats: Reading defense analysis stats

Reading has contested the least number of defensive duels in the competition. The least defensive duels means that the opposition are getting enough space to exploit their defence.

233 duels have been attempted in the whole season so far and the team has only managed to win 52 defensive duels. Defensive duels lost in any area of the pitch can create a lot of pressure on the team. In their previous match against Huddersfield, none of the players has won a single defensive duel in the centre of the defence. 9 duels were contested but Huddersfield players had an upper edge in every duel.

Save %

EFL Championship Stats: Reading defense analysis stats

The save % of Reading goalkeeper Rafael is the 2nd lowest in the whole division. Reading has been poor defensively and the opposition players are allowed to take shots at the goalkeeper. 24 shots on target have been attempted towards the Reading goal and Rafael has stopped 11 of them. 13 goals have been conceded and the save % is less than 50.

EFL Championship Stats: Reading defense analysis stats

Talking about the other categories like recoveries and interception we can see that the team is at the bottom half of the table in these categories. 359 recoveries have been made by the team in the 5 matches along with 190 interceptions. Opposition players have found the gaps in the defence and a lot of touches are allowed inside the box.

Reading has already conceded 13 goals and at an average of more than 2.5 per game. Their attack has scored goals but it is the defensive department that lacks. The team prefers to play 2 defensive midfielders but the defence has not proven to be strong.