Whether you play football, American football or rugby, speed and leg strength are the two main weapons for your success. This is why the coaches always insist on giving the lower body enough focus whenever you are training. For those with experience in these sports, they know that their legs stand between them and their success. Therefore, they give the legs the best of everything they need for fitness.

As you research and consult on what training is optimal to increase speed and leg strength as an athlete, you will realize that there are many variations of ways to achieve this goal, and it is up to you to pick what is best for you. But a reliable article like this has prepared informative insights for such athletes. Read on to learn more.

Preparing the Right Training Schedule

Before anything else, athletes in these sports must prepare the right training schedule. This will be determined by the amount of free time that they have. Those who play alongside their career or business may have little free time to train compared to their counterparts who play sports as a career. However, both must get good results.

Training schedules for such athletes should call for working out on a daily basis except for two days that can be reserved for resting. During the active days, the athlete should focus on the core and lower body for three days and other exercises on the other two days.

Exercises That Are Good for Speed and Leg Strength

According to experts at 120kgs, a website that sells legit steroids across the world, choosing these exercises correctly will help you achieve your goals. Better still, a supportive diet and supplements will be of great assistance. Check out these exercises and consider them since they are the best in this case.

  •             Hurdle step over drill – for those who love watching sports channels, you will notice that athletes do these exercises every time they are training. They are easy yet effective especially when used as warm-up exercises before hard training. They are also a quick way to prepare the legs before a match.
  •             Sprinting – this exercise is carried out over a short distance, and the athletes will run as fast as possible to a certain point and come back. They can do this for several rounds before they begin another workout.
  •             Barbell squats – now this is where the body starts to gain the much-needed strength. Doing squats with a weight on your shoulders is not an easy thing for many. But including it in your workout schedule is very important. However, one should be careful to avoid straining the body too much.
  •             Leg presses – this is the best exercise for the legs and the core. A couple of sets of 10 to 15 reps in a day will make a difference in your career as a footballer.
  •             Farmer’s walk – walking as fast as possible with a weight on each hand and coming back is not for everyone, but it is ideal for athletes who want to achieve speed and leg power.


As you can see, there are many workouts that you can include in your workout schedule to increase strength and speed. But as you do this, remember that the entire body must also get enough training to avoid fitness challenges.