Luton Town are currently sitting in the third spot on the EFL Championship points table. A major reason why they have been performing so good is that they have scored the third-most goals this season, behind only Fulham and Bournemouth. Elijah Adebayo is the team’s top scorer with 14 goals, but his strike partner, Harry Cornick, is also having his best season of his career, with 10 goals to his name.

Cornick Attacking dashboard

Seen in the above visual is the performance of Harry Cornick at Luton Town this season. Cornick has scored 10 goals at a rate of 0.42 goals per game. He is performing much better than his xG output of 0.24 goals per game. His role as a sidekick means he takes only 1.5 shots per game, and he hits 43% of the shots on target. Cornick has attempted 3.693 dribbles per game, with a success rate of 60%. Overall, Cornick has been an above average player in several attacking categories as he has let Elijah Adebayo do most of the goalscoring for Luton Town.

Cornick Shot map

Seen above is the shot map of Harry Cornick in the EFL Championship this season. All but two of Cornick’s goals have come from inside the box. Unlike many other strikers in the league this season, he has rarely missed big chances from inside the box. Harry Cornick has taken 42 shots, giving him a healthy conversion rate of 4.2 shots per goal scored. Of those 42 shots, only 11 have come from outside the box, which shows he displays good decision-making skills, as far as shot selection is concerned.

Cornick Pass Sonar

Seen in the above visual are the pass sonar, xT timeline, and the xT map of Harry Cornick for Luton Town this season. Cornick has consistently created an xT value of 0.5 or more throughout a match. He has, at times, touched 1.0 as well. Cornick has been producing threats from the right wing as well as from the left flank in the final third. Sometimes, he has also created threats from inside the opponents’ penalty box. His sideways passes into the penalty box have generated as much significant threats as his forward passes.

Harry Cornick has been a very good strike partner for Elijah Adebayo at Luton this season. Many times, Cornick would lay chances to Adebayo, and the latter would shoot at goal. This duo has been very efficient in scoring as well as understanding each other. The question now is whether they can help Luton achieve promotion to the Premier League.