Fulham have been absolutely bossing this season’s EFL Championship and look the favorites to not only earn automatic promotion but also clinch the title. While Aleksandar Mitrovic has been grabbing all the headlines for the team, there has been another player who has been quietly emerging as the team’s second-best player. It is the Welsh midfielder, Harry Wilson. Wilson has been having his career-best season when combining goals and assists (10 goals and 13 assists).

Wilson Attacking dashboard

Seen above is the chart that shows the performances of Harry Wilson relative to the rest of the league. Wilson has scored 10 goals at a rate of 0.31 goals per game, putting him in the 95th percentile. He is also outperforming his xG output of 0.23 goals per game. Wilson has taken 2.3 shots per game, hitting nearly one-third of them on target. He also touches the ball in the opposition penalty area just under four times a match. Wilson has attempted 4.3 dribbles per game so far this season, with a success rate of 75.35%.

Wilson Shot map

In the above shot map, we can see from where Harry Wilson has taken his shots all season long. Three out of his 10 goals for Fulham this season have come from outside the box. He has missed a few chances, which had an xG value of 0.35 or more. But generally, he has shot a lot more from outside the box. As a result, out of his 81 shots taken so far this season, only 27 have ended up being on target, which also gives him a conversion rate of 8.1 shots per goal scored.

Wilson Pass Sonar

Given above are the pass sonar, xT timeline, and xT map of Harry Wilson. Wilson has been the go-to player for threat creation at Fulham. He regularly exceeds a score of 1.0 in xT creation, whilst he has occasionally touched 2.0. Primarily, Wilson has created threats from the right wing in the final third as well as from the left flank. Usually, it has been Wilson creating chances for Mitrovic, who would finish off those chances. Hence, it has been of little surprise that his left sideways passes into the opponents’ penalty area would generate a very high xT value.

Harry Wilson has been quietly outstanding for Fulham this campaign. He is very likely to play in the Premier League next season. The question is whether he will play at Fulham or some other Premier League team. Should Wales qualify for the World Cup later this year, Harry Wilson must be in the squad flying to Qatar.