As per expected goals (xG), West Bromwich Albion (WBA) have been the biggest underperformers in the division. They should have scored 63 goals by now, but in reality, they have netted only 42 goals. Exactly a third of the total goals scored by WBA have been from Karlan Grant. This season has been Grant’s second-best in his career, his best being in 2019-20 for Huddersfield Town in the same division.

Grant Attacking dashboard

Karlan Grant has scored 14 times for West Brom this season at a rate of 0.41 goals per game. He is slightly overperforming on his xG output of 0.37 goals per 90. Grant takes around 2.4 shots per game, hitting 47% of them on target. He also attempts nearly five dribbles per game, completing 71.6% of them. He has come out successful in 46% of his offensive duels. He would, without a doubt, like to improve on his xG per shot which has a value of 0.16. It puts him in the 62nd percentile in this category.

Grant Shot map

Three out of Karlan Grant’s 14 goals have come from outside the box. He has missed quite a few big chances throughout this season, as seen by the big orange and red circles, which have an xG of 0.35 or greater. Grant has taken 90 shots so far this season, which means he has needed 6.43 shots to score a goal. He should have scored at least three or four additional goals by now.

Grant Pass Sonar

The above visual shows that Karlan Grant is very threatening when he has the ball at his feet. Consistently throughout the 90 minutes, he has had an xT value of 0.5 or greater, with his highest being over 1.5 just after the 30th minute. Grant generates most of his threat from the left wing in the final third, which explains why his sideways passes to his right have a higher xT value than his forward passes. In addition to his 14 goals, Grant has also five assists to his name this season, which is his career-best.

Karlan Grant has been an exception in what has been a very badly underperforming West Brom attack this season. If the team from the West Midlands are to finish the season strongly, then Karlan Grant needs support from his teammates in scoring goals. The next best scorer for West Brom, Callum Robinson, has only six goals to his name.