There was nothing killjoy about Doncaster Rovers manager Grant McCann’s less than enthusiastic reaction to the vuvuzelas handed out against Bradford.

Last week the Keepmoat Stadium was a cauldron resembling a venue for the 2010 World Cup in South Africa.

And whilst the Rovers boss admitted that the promotional horns were good for the young fans, he wasn’t pleased with the potential message they gave out.

McCann on Vuvuzelas and party poppers 

McCann could not resist commenting on the horns in his press conference and the potential message they could send out to the opposition.

He said:

“If I was the Bradford manager and I came in hearing the vuvuzelas going before the game, I’d be thinking ‘what is going on here? Do they think they’ve made it or whatever?'”
“That is just the way I am.
“I like to keep myself level.” 
“Look, they can bring them back as many times as they like as long as we keep winning.”
“If it affected us winning, then they can come back.”

McCann also pointed to a potential distraction to his own players, who had commented during the warm-up about the sound generated.

He said:

“We don’t want any distraction really.
“I like to keep my team focused and a couple of the players came in saying what is that noise so I knew they were thinking of something else and not the game.”

McCann is determined to see his team stay grounded, despite a strong run of form.

Doncaster Rovers have won three games in a row and have risen to 4th in the League One table.

However, McCann insisted no one will be getting carried away at the club just yet.

He said:

“I think the group is quite grounded. They’ve certainly got a grounded manager, I know that fact for a fact.”
“No one will be getting any party poppers out here because we’re sitting 3rd or 4th in the League.” 
“We’re nine games in, that is it. We’ve got so many games left.”

McCann on Plymouth 

Grant McCann insisted that his team will take nothing for granted when they travel to a winless Plymouth Argyle side on Saturday.

Doncaster Rovers have won three games on the spin heading into the clash against rock-bottom Argyle.

But McCann insisted their will be no complacency from his side.

He said:

“I don’t think there is much in this league.” 
“You can win on any given day, you can lose on any given day if your concentration is not right.
“I know they’re (Plymouth) a bit fragile at the minute but having watched some of their games, having reports on them, they’re a threat.”
“They’e got one of the best players in the league in my opinion in Graham Carey, someone we’ll be very wary of.”
“But it’s another game where we want to make sure we perform first and foremost.”
“If we continue with the way we’re going, which we won’t be letting up on, we’ll go there and hopefully approach the game like we have every other game”
“We’ll give them the respect they deserve but our focus is on us”.