Joel Piroe has scored nine goals for Swansea City in the 2021-22 EFL Championship season. He has been a real presence up front for the Swans and has also provided three assists. He has been an important and necessary part of the team, and Swansea City have relied heavily on him and Jamie Paterson for their goals upfront. In this post, we will look at the stats produced by Piroe for Swansea City in the league this season.

Swansea City are currently 12th in the EFL Championship standings with 23 points from their 17 games. They have preferred to play possession-based football and have kept a lot of the ball in various matches. They have scored 20 goals and conceded 22, with Piroe scoring nine and Paterson scoring six goals for them.

EFL Championship Stats: Joel PiroePiroe has had one of the highest goal contributions in the Championship and has had almost a goal contribution per game for the Swans. His xG creation has been just 5.03, but he has highly overachieved this xG by scoring nine goals. He has not only been a presence in the box but has also helped in build-ups and has linked up with other attacking players as well.

EFL Championship Stats: Joel PiroeThe above viz shows the attacking and creativity dashboard for Joel Piroe for Swansea City. The black line depicts the average value for the particular stat for all players in the Championship division. It can be seen that in terms of xG, goals, shots on target, and various other stats, the striker has been well above average and one of the best in the division. He has been pivotal to Swansea City’s performances this season.

EFL Championship Stats: Joel PiroeJoel Mohammed Piroe’s shot map shows the extent of goal-scoring prowess and variety that he can provide playing upfront as the number nine. He has taken shots from all around the penalty area this season and scored from all kinds of different angles. He has had a few shots and a couple of goals from outside the box as well.

EFL Championship Stats: Joel Piroe

The Dutch striker’s heat map clearly shows that he is not one of those strikers who stays upfront around the box and poaches for goals. He drops deep on many occasions to help out in build-up and even tries to help defensively on many occasions.

Piroe has been a pivotal part of the Swans team this season, and they will need him to continue his goalscoring form to help Swansea City rise in the EFL Championship standings.