England v France: Match Analysis

An incredible international derby is about to happen in Qatar. It may not have been a wish of the fans of any of the countries, but now that the fixture is defined, there’s so much excitement around the most exciting game of the 2022 World Cup quarter-finals stage.

The rivalry between England and France goes well beyond the football World, and the relationship of neighbor countries isn’t always easy, but the football pitches are an amazing way to canalize all this tension in a positive, healthy way.

Although both France and England have played well so far in the World Cup, it’s fair to say this upcoming quarter-finals clash is like nothing else they have seen and faced so far, which means telling the odds precisely may be a hard task. Thai fans can find everything about this discussion on www.เว็บไซต์พนันออนไลน์.com and much more around this game.

The Pressure to Win: England

Football didn’t come home in the last Euros… and the way the loss happened certainly was a hard pill to swallow for the fans of The Beautiful Game and The Three Lions. 

Italy would arguably be a strong contender in the ongoing FIFA World Cup happening in Qatar right now, but… Well, the Italians kind of forgot to qualify in the first place!

So, the question is: who’s more of a favourite, in theory? A French team that underperformed in the last UEFA Nations League, or the Runners Up of the last ‘real’ tournament in the eyes of many: England?!

One thing, however, is certain: the results of England in the last World Cup and the last Euros certainly helped the English fans become more confident and feeling like it’s ok to dream big once again.

The English Team topped a group with an inspired Team USA, a surprisingly efficient Iran against Wales, and well, Wales having chances to qualify as of the last round of the Group Stage.

Then a solid performance in the Round of 16 against Senegal. So, what about the pressure to win on the French side of the story?

France: Favourites to Win?

The media and many football pundits across the globe consider France and Brazil the favourites to win the 2022 FIFA World Cup. But England also deserves respect, and a big derby like the upcoming game against France won’t be easy, but the Three Lions surely have chances.

France, however, has demonstrated virtues and a capacity to overcome challenges since their arrival in Qatar.

First, the current Ballon d’Or Karim Benzema picked up an injury, and the French side was frustrated by not having the chance to face the world cup with the best player on earth right now.

Then a key injury with Lucas Hernandez, a player that was important to the way Deschamps was structuring his defence. Adding up earlier injuries of Kanté and Pogba, France overcame these challenges and qualified easily at Group D.

Then the French performed in a very solid way during the Round of 16 when they defeated Lewandowski’s Poland.

It’s interesting to note how the press and the social media channels have been discussing the latest challenge of France instead of whether they are the favourites or not. Interestingly, perhaps this constant stream of difficult news before and during the tournament changed the subject and the narrative in a way that seems to have been positive to France.