Sports betting is as popular as ever, and many gamblers are looking to win extra money by betting on various football competitions. Luckily, there are endless possibilities that will make football betting incredibly enjoyable. Those looking to get started in this world need to know a number of basic terms that are essential. They will help you win big and make your life a lot easier.  Before getting started, make sure to choose a trustworthy non UK casino to get the best possible experience.

Football Betting Terminology


Bets are always rated on a scale of 1-10. Although each tipster follows different betting rules, it is recommended not to overuse high stakes. The bet is closely related to the bankroll. The 10 rates should never exceed our bank’s 10%, although it is recommended that it be around 5-6%. Likewise, a bet of 5 should be half of the percent of our bankroll dedicated to a bet of 10.


Money management is critical to any player’s success. This is where the term “bankroll” comes in, which means the amount of your money in one or more bookmakers. Ideally, you need to take care of it and work in such a way that it can grow in the long term, and for this, there are different strategies that each game uses to feel more comfortable and achieve its goals.

Live Betting

One of the first terms we want you to know is live betting. As the name suggests, these are the ones that occur while the game is still in progress. These types of bets add more excitement to the game, because by watching the teams play, you can, for example, place a bet on the player you think is about to score a goal.

Combined Bets

Combination bets are bets in which the money wagered can be split into different outcomes. This is ideal if you want to have more earning opportunities, although you should know that you will also lose some. For example, if you want to bet that the team will win, but you think that the opponent is pretty good as well, you can make another bet, that would be known as the combined bet. As a result, you will only take the money of the winning team, although you also have the option of losing everything in the event of a tie.


Dutching is a term and action that many people appreciate because it can be used to achieve good results, but bettors must have prior knowledge or simply learn how to perform this type of sports betting. Many experts point out that this is one of the safest bets. Beginners can also benefit from it, since it is aimed at achieving the same results as the combined bet, regardless of whether the team wins or not. In other words, they strive to ensure that, for example, if team A wins, advantages are obtained, but if team B wins, these advantages are the same. All of this can be incredibly useful as long as you have the needed information.

Free Bets

Free bets are bets that are provided to users when they register with one of the bookmakers or when they deposit funds. A user who may not have played for a couple of weeks or even months can do so without spending their money and can try new betting or just enjoy a new bet without being charged. Free bets can be of one form or another, have some restrictions, such as the amount of money won, or you can place bets on only one type of bet. Thus, make sure to read the bookie’s rules before registering.


An underdog is a term that refers to a team or an opponent that is not the favorite in the bids. It can happen in football, basketball, boxing, or any other sport, and it is very easy to identify it because when we see the odds that appear for each outcome, the highest odds belong to the specified participant, not the opponent.

In these cases, the most common bet is the one that everyone considers the favorite, despite the fact that the introduced quota is much lower, however, many of them analyze different data of each game so that it can be put all of its money on an outsider and get a much higher commission in case of winning. This is a risky bet, but you can really make a lot of money if you get lucky.


Over / Under is one of the most popular markets for football betting. The bookies set the line, which is usually 2.5, and the players make their predictions: more than 2.5 goals (total in the game or the team itself) or less than 2.5 goals. You can also place bets on corner kicks, yellow cards, and other game situations.


Adding or subtracting the football score, which changes the odds significantly. For example, if we place a bet on Atlético Madrid beating Elche with a +1 handicap, at the end of the match we will need to add a goal to the mattress makers. This means that if the match ends 1: 1, we will win the bet because for us it will be 2: 1. Another of the many options in this game is to bet on Atletico to win with a -1 handicap. In such a case, to win the bet, the Madrid players must win by at least two goals.


Once you have mastered the basic terms for sports betting, you can put all your knowledge into practice.