Djibril Cissé, the footballer that’s renowned for playing in teams like Liverpool and Panathinaikos, has entered into a partnership with Betiton, a recently launched sports-betting brand that has seen massive growth, in order to aid with their marketing strategy

Betiton, an online sportsbook that was launched in 2020, has recently announced its partnership with Djibril Cissé, where the French footballer will be aiding the young sports-betting platform with their goal for further growth. Astonishingly, the young sportsbook has witnessed impressive growth in the year it has been operational.

The partnership with Djibril is a great testament to their impressive growth but we could just as easily mention their wide range of available betting markets. At the same time, Betiton provides its services to 13 different markets around the world as well making them available in 8 different languages.

Whilst the amount of growth experienced by the young sportsbook would be enough to make any start-up envious, it seems that the brains behind the Betiton brand are far from being satisfied with what they have achieved so far. Indeed, their thirst for further growth is what got them to partner up with Djibril in the first place.

The combination of Djibril Cissé’s many qualities—such as his charm and charisma, his drive to win and his determination to let nothing get in his way—will prove to be a very essential asset for the fast-growing sportsbook’s mission to be the best. In fact, the team behind the platform are thrilled to be working with the former Liverpool striker.

The excitement of the team has best been expressed by the CEO & co-founder of Betiton, Arnaud Serour. Whilst taking about the newly formed partnership, Serour spoke very excitedly about the opportunity of being able to work with the famed football star.

When asked to comment about the partnership, Serour was quick to say: “Djibril Cissé is not only a major football star who has had an incredible career playing for some of the biggest clubs in the world, he has also overcome major injury setbacks and for us is the embodiment of determination and character. We have been working with him daily for the last few weeks, he’s a joy to work with and develop ideas and is also a fantastic human being.”

However, the excitement surrounding this project doesn’t stop there as Djibril himself also seems to be quite thrilled about teaming up with Betiton. In fact, he spoke favourably about the partnership, going on to say: “We connected immediately with Arnaud and his team. I’ve been struck by Betiton’s motivation and vision to be a leading operator in the gaming industry. I am confident we will reach those goals and am really looking forward to it. Game on!”

We are sure that good things will come out of this partnership.

Djibril has had a long career in football, starting all the way in 1998 with AJ Auxerre. The French club that’s based in Burgundy has developed a reputation for itself for eyeing young talent and fostering it, producing fine footballers in the process—and Djibril is a perfect example of that.

In fact, Djibril was the top scorer in Ligue 1 in the 2001-2002 season, scoring 22 goals in 29 matches. Moreover, his track record with the club was also quite impressive as the young striker had scored 70 goals in 128 league appearances. However, despite his success, the ever-ambitious Djibril decided to move to Liverpool to compete in the Premier League.

Thus, in 2004, Djibril found himself at Anfield Stadium, excited and ready to prove himself to be a star player. However, things went awry not too long after his move as he tragically broke his leg after a handful of games with the club. Djibril, however, proved himself to be the epitome of determination, tenacity, and willpower by coming back from his injury as if nothing had ever happened.

In fact, his comeback proved pivotal in Liverpool’s 2005 Champions League and Super Cup wins, and in their 2006 FA Cup victory. However, Djibril’s time at Anfield wasn’t meant to last and in fact, he was transferred to Olympique de Marseille in 2007 after a season-long loan to that same club.

Sadly, another tragic injury befell Djibril that made his time with the French club lacklustre—even if he proved crucial in Marseille’s 2007 Champions League entry. In 2008, however, Djibril was loaned out to Sunderland for an entire season, where the club mulled over whether to sign on Djibril permanently or not.

Whilst the Black Cats would have very much liked to keep Djibril, it seems that the transfer fee proved too much for them and had to let him go. Thus, in 2009, Djibril signed a contract to play with Panathinaikos in Athens, where it seems that the Greek team got the best out of the striker.

In fact, when playing under Panathinaikos, Djibril scored an impressive 47 goals in 61 league appearances. However, his success with the Greek team was cut short when Djibril felt that he could no longer play in the conditions he found himself in. Thus, in 2011, he left Panathinaikos to try out playing in Serie A with S.S. Lazio.

However, he found the style of Italian football to be incompatible with his own style and so he left the team in 2012 to join the Queens Park Rangers, giving the Premier League another try. Unfortunately, this also wasn’t meant to last as Djibril left the club in 2013 for unknown reasons.

Since then, Djibril moved from club to club, often only playing for a single season or less. He has even retired from professional football twice, taking up modelling, DJing, and even fashion design in his time away from the field. Nowadays, Djibril can be found playing for Panathinaikos Chicago in the National Premier Soccer League.