On cell phones, computers and consoles, there are many slot machines about football or a football manager to meet the needs of any audience: PES, FIFA, and others. However, the football team developers are talking about something new that the players have not encountered at all.

A football team can be delivered as a browser game and can be played on a computer or a cell phone. It is recommended to play from computers: this way you can feel like a real manager who checks mail, signs contracts for advertising your own gamers, bets on games and selects participation in different leagues. In general, the project looks pretty much like the real-life of people who are professionally engaged in the football field, and the importance in achieving this effect is playing, taking part in games with other players.

Football team is a new word in football games?

Initially, after going through the registration process, we may be greeted by a tutorial screen, which presents delicious rewards for a great start:

  • 85,000 euros
  • 350 energy
  • 9 Bronze packs
  • 5 Free types of keys
  • 50 Balls of Gold
  • 1 pack of skins

From this, the following conclusion becomes clear: there is an in-game resource with currencies. There is a timer under the energy number, at the end of which one point is added up. If you are familiar with the football simulator, or at least with its rules, then the further choice of the positions of your own gamer on the field will not be so problematic.

Based on the selected position, we are recommended some abilities of the gamer, of which there are 8. We can pump them during training, which takes 3 resources: energy time, and money. At least at the start, it is not so difficult, also, the developers were able to generously reward for training.

During the training, you can be taught the essential elements of FootballTeam so that in the future during the game there will not be any questions and serious problems. In this regard, you can definitely “like” the machine, because everything is intuitively clear for those who are with football and a manager simulator on you.

What currency and packs?

The main currency in the game is the euro. With its help, we do basic training, which is vital for our player’s good results in the field. Also, euros are needed to increase the level of items and rates. Yes, there is even that. As for the packs, they are of three types: bronze, silver, and gold. At the same time, for example, at the www.topnongamstop.co.uk casino, you can try this game for free.

The better the pack, the more likely it is to get a rare and valuable item. You can open them with the following types of keys: premium and free. Their only difference is that for opening a pack with a free key, you will not be able to sell the received item to other gamers.

The prestige of the football club is your calling card to the world of great sport. If you train your own gamer very well, then you can hope for a position in the main composition of the institution. Then you just have to wait for new games and think about what a positive outcome awaits you and that the gamer will not be able to get a serious injury.

The most important point of the football team is that behind any gamer there is a real person who, moreover, you train individually and together with the team (for this, some time is given, which must be approached in time) and can choose his own unique opportunity. Someone goes to the club all the time, or vice versa – breaks contracts and wants to find the best place under the Sun for themselves. Also, there is a separate chat in which you can chat with other gamers online. All this together provides the feeling that there are live people around you and this is very good than watching bots running around the field in some large projects (for example, FIFA).


Football team provides one of the most affordable football club manager simulator formulas players have ever seen. The game does not shower you with some vague terms, but on the contrary – it tells at least the main points and provides a sufficient number of resources to pump the gamer to the desired levels. A huge number of positions on the field are narrowly focused on training and various institutions – this is an integral part of this game.