We all love a good old supercomputer, don’t we?

We have seen one of these brilliant algorithm machines being used to create data for potential Premier League champions and relegation candidates, while we have also seen it be used for some of the biggest competitions in sports, including the UEFA Champions League and the FIFA World Cup.

Many of us will sometimes head to betting sites without verification with these predicted outcomes in our minds and look to use them in order to try and win a nice little wager.

This year, we have seen the arrival of one for the upcoming EFL Championship season, with the maths doing what it needs to do in order to provide us with an insight into what could potentially happen throughout the campaign that begins in a few short weeks.

The Examiner Live has detailed some of the findings for us, so let’s take a look at what has been revealed.

Using Reach’s supercomputer, it was found that Burnley are the most likely to win the Championship this year, with Vincent Kompany’s side given a 56% chance of finishing in the top two, while fellow recently-relegated side Norwich City are also expected to make the top two with 31%; Watford are expected to challenge though with a 30% chance, while Sheffield United has a 25% chance.

Huddersfield Town, Preston North End, and Luton Town have all been predicted to have successful seasons, too, although the reading starts to become a little grim for fans of the clubs we are about to mention.

Indeed, the other end of the table sees Sunderland thought to be favorites to go straight back down as they are given a 65% chance of being relegated; the highest of every team.

Bristol City have been provided with a 53% of going down, with Birmingham City (48%), Reading (39%), and Wigan (19%) all thought to be the other teams most likely to be watching over their shoulders and trying to avoid the drop down the Football League table and into League One.

Of course, as we know, the supercomputer is something that should not be taken too seriously as anything can happen when the two teams take to the football pitch, however it would not be a surprise if we did see some of the predictions to have been made come out correctly, either.

Burnley or Norwich City to win the EFL Championship really would not be a surprise, would it?