English Football League (EFL) championship is one of the biggest testaments to English football quality. Featuring 24 teams from England and Wales, the EFL Championship is the second professional tier in English football. With matches that tend to be hotly contested more evenly than in the Premier League, it happens to one of the most viewed and bet-on events across the planet. 

It is the football division that is nearly unpredictable, but with a solid understanding that at least one team will be crowned champion and promoted to Premier League. From a betting point of view, this increases the betting opportunities, either by season or by match. 

There are various ways in which you can approach EFL championship betting. In this article, we will explore the different betting markets to wager on the championship league. Here we go.

Outright winner

This is one of the most common ways to bet in the EFL Championship and is usually best done at the start of the season, but you can still wager during the season. You place a bet on the team you believe will finish at the top of the league. Given that at least one team will be promoted to Premier League almost every year, gamblers have better chances of winning this type of bet. However, it is among the most complicated to wager.

Relegation bets

Another amazingly popular way of betting championship matches is to wager the team that will be demoted to a lower league once the season ends. Since three teams must be relegated, bettors will try to foresee and stake highly. Apparently, spotting weaker teams is easy, which increases winning chances. 

Not to be promoted

This type of betting market is widespread because of the better chances of winning. It is merely betting on what team will not be promoted to the top league once the championship end. Because you are sure almost 20 teams will remain unpromoted, it is easy to wager on this market. But anything can happen in football. 

Top Scorer bets 

Gamblers tend to wager on which player to get the golden boots. It is one of the easiest to bet because there are know protagonists who dominate award. If you like this type of market, keep an eye on new signings by top-ranked teams. 

Prevalent regular types of markets

Match results – this where you wager on which team to win in a particular match. You bet on a win, lose, or draw. 

Double chance – In this type of market, you combine two options to increase winning possibilities. For instance, “home or draw.”

Both teams to score – you wager depending on whether you foresee both teams will score in the match or not. 

Draw no bet – Simply, this market removes the option for both teams to draw at the end of the match. If the final result is ‘home’ or ‘away,’ you won’t lose anything. 

Handicaps – this market gives one team a virtual advantage, where one team must beat their rivals and overcome the advantage. They are best when the game involves two unmatched teams. 

Over/under – with these bets, you wager the totals score compared to a fixed number of goals.


The EFL Championships offers a wide range of markets to place bets. Bookmakers offer various promotions that make betting enjoyable. Before betting, make sure to analyze the previous matches to better your winning chances.