If you love English football, then you definitely love Burnley. Sure, they do not play the most beautiful football, but they are fascinating to watch. They managed to survive in the Premier League for a long time, but unfortunately for them, they are now in the Championship. However, they are at the top of the table and eager to return to the Premier League. When it comes to Surebets, the experts predict that Burnley will come back to the Premier League next season. There were a lot of changes in the team, and now the young and talented players are running the show. Today, we are going to discuss some of the most talented young players who play for Burnley.

Anass Zaroury

This outstanding young player has shown this season that he is one of Burnley’s most important footballers on the pitch. When you consider his Belgian-Maroccan origin, it is easy to see why he is so talented. He scored four goals and two assists this season in the Championship. But what makes him so good is his vision on the pitch. He knows where his teammates are, and he is rather good when it comes to planning the game.


This talented Brazillian is one of the best players for Burnley this season. He is only 23 years old, but the coach trusts him completely. He has played 21 matches this season, which shows how much the coach counts on him. He scored only two goals, but scoring goals is not his main task on the pitch. He is the brain of the team, and he plays like that. When he is on the team, Burnley does not lose. He is also a rather fair player. He got only one yellow card during this season. That shows how mature he is and how he respects the beautiful game of football. If Burnley manages to get back to the Premier League, this young and talented man will definitely be one of the players to watch.

Nathan Tella

We do not want to say that we saved the best for last, but it is safe to say that Nathan Tella is one of the best young players in Burnley and the Championship. He played 20 matches this season, scored seven goals, and made one assist. He is one of the best finishers in front of the goal among the young Burnley players, which is why the coach trusts him. When people see him on the pitch, the only thing they usually see is how fast he is. But that is not his only quality. He is rather good with the ball. Also, he has a good vision, and he is not a selfish player. He could work on his temper, though, but he is only 23 years old. He will definitely mature in this club.

Those are some of the most talented young players who play for Burnley in the Championship. We definitely want to see them in the Premier League, and how things look now, we may get the chance next season.