The use of video assistant referees – simply known as VAR – is a highly controversial subject and one that many will have had debates about having seen it in use in the Premier League.

Indeed, there does not seem to be a game that goes by without a talking point or two having been raised because of a decision that VAR has come to (or not come to in some cases), with some suggesting that it completely ruins the game. There are some fans that certainly do not like it as it can have an impact on any winners they have in big events as crucial goals can be ruled out and see bets lost.

The Championship have not had to deal with some of the decisions that VAR has thrown up, whether correctly or wrongly, however it seems one manager wants to see it implemented in England’s second-tier in the near future.

Watford head coach, Vladimir Ivic, has called for the technology to be introduced into the Championship as he has grown frustrated with some of the refereeing decisions that have been made against his side.

Their 1-1 draw with Brentford on Tuesday was just one of the latest in a long line of moments which has seen the head coach of the Hertfordshire-based football club to make demands for the technology.

During that match with the Bees, the Hornets had a goal by Stipe Perica disallowed when replays have since shown that the forward may have actually been in an onside position prior to receiving the ball.

Ilic admitted that his side may have benefitted just as much as they have ultimately missed out on in regards to VAR being absent from the Championship, he still thinks it will be a huge advantage for referees to have it available to them in order to help them make the correct calls.

“For sure I’m frustrated, everybody’s frustrated with something like that,” he said.

“This happened because we don’t have VAR. We can speak now about one game when Cleverley scored and the ball didn’t cross the line.

“I believe that VAR is good because this is some small details which made the big difference. If we had VAR today, what I believe is that we could take two points more, or maybe in the previous game, maybe we can stay without some points.”

Watford currently sit third in the Championship after 19 games but remain six points off leaders Norwich City and three points behind AFC Bournemouth.

Indeed, the top three teams currently in the standings are the three teams that went down from the Premier League last season. If each of them all manage to go back up at the first time of asking, it will have to be considered some feat.