If you think that there are a lot of mock injuries in football, Neymar cries all the time and real men have to enter the field, you will like the Florentine Calcio.

We connect our imagination and let’s say: Florence, a field sprinkled with sand with dimensions of 50 by 100 m, 27 hefty men in any team, and a ball stuffed with goat hair. The task of gamers is to throw as many goals as possible over the edge of the fence from the side of opponents.

A distinctive feature of the game is phenomenal cruelty. Compared to classic football, wrestling is not only recommended here, it is considered an essential feature of Calcio. Mostly, somewhere in the middle of the game, players can forget about the ball and can have real carnage. If someone is injured, the game is still in full swing while the injured can be carried off the field. At the same time, for example, you can find such a game in an online format.

Lelo burti: Georgian traditions

Let’s leave the violence on the Florentine field and move to Georgia, where the traditional game of Lelo burti turns out to be an alternative to football.

Lelo is a Georgian variation of rugby: the participants need to carry the ball from the middle of the playing field to the specified border. A small formality: the field is a real village, the ball weighs about 16 kg, and the border is located across the river. The Georgian villages are playing a district with a district, for this reason, the participants are recruiting a couple of thousand.

The game starts after the traditional operation in the temple when the priests from the doorstep of local churches throw the ball to gamers. After the shots from the gun, the townspeople of 2 districts of the villages start a fierce battle for the ball, trying to carry it across the river.

Swamp football: down with a flat lawn!

Swamp football is the most popular of the games listed in this article, but most might not have heard of it.

The game rules look like classic football – the same ball, the same tasks for gamers. Among the differences, you can note the reduced game time, there are no offside rules, corner kicks, and the number of gamers in teams. However, all this is a formality, since the important thing is the playing field!

If any of you could complain about an uneven lawn (poorly mowed, not so green, or with crooked stripes), then you can forget about them altogether, since in swamp football the playing field is a mess of water and slurry.

Swamp football fields are created artificially. From the softened area for the game, they can remove the sod, begin to plow the soil, and pour it all from above with water. As a result, gamers’ feet can sink into the mud at least to the ankle, and goalkeepers can generally sink into the mud up to their waist.

The mud model of classic football has proven to be very popular, that today there are 260 teams in this type of sport in the world. Also, swamp football turned out to be an integral part of the lines of top bookmakers and brought a lot of income to fans who managed to quickly get into the gameplay. You can join them by using the 1xBet promo code, the bonus combination offers access to special types of bets with additional benefits.

Bumperball: the main task is not to fall

Falls and mostly pain simulations are an integral part of a soccer game. To minimize the likelihood of injury, a bumperball was created in Norway in 2011 in which participants can play football in a dense transparent ball, where there is air. Any of the balls weighing 7-12 kg, based on the material and diameters, the latter parameter, although, reach 1.5 me. In such equipment, gamers are able to somersault and push without fear of injury, since it is almost impossible to do this.

For the gameplay, two teams are created, in any 3-5 people. The rules are the same for classic football, except for the yellow and red cards, where there is simply no need. Most of the organizers add various additions to the game “charter”: for example, they can constantly and more strongly collide with rivals, amusingly flying off the balls.

Car soccer: get ready for excavators!

The most interesting variation of football is football in cars. The idea was to replace the people running around the field with cars, and Psyonix came to replace the goalkeepers with an excavator.

Since the cars of the participants cannot be sheathed with any protective details, during the game you can hear a huge rumble and grinding of metal. Although, this can attract numerous spectators to such competitions. If it seems to you that you know everything about sports, then this is actually not the case.